Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Free Energy and why we don't have it!

I recently met an economic reporter in the elevator and we were having a chat. We got to the subject of free energy. I mentioned that the governments of the world are not really interested in green energy and he agreed. Imagine he said, if Exxon and all the other energy companies would declare bankruptcy, because there is some new device that generates free energy.

I also heard recently from a friend that the Arab oil companies make a point of buying out every single free energy patent that they can get there hands on. They put the idea in the deep freeze and make sure the invention never see the light of day ! Here is a shocking video that explains why we don't have free energy as of today:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New Jihad Code

CNN has delivered the most amazing news story - perhaps the most important story since 9/11. It appears that there is a major upheaval about to take place in the Islamic world. If you can't see the video below try this LINK

CNN's investigative teams worked for two years, looking into reports of peace talks held between the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and the Libyan Government. This culminated in the LIFG, a militant jihadist group once close to Osama bin Laden, repudiating al Qaeda. LIFG has managed to recruit the largest number of Jihadists, and many terrorists come from Libya.

"The Jihadi Code," is a documentary on the breakthrough against al Qaeda in Libya. It seems that Col. Moammar Gadhafi's son, Saif al Islam al Gadhafi, has managed to open dialogue with the LIFG and their commander Noman Benotman, who was until recently living in London. Gadhafi convinced Benotman he would free LIFG members from jail if they renounced their long war with the regime. He also promised Benotman immunity from prosecution if he returned to Libya. Benotman had warned bin Laden not to attack the United States, the same way Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto warned Japanese leaders not to 'wake the sleeping giant' by attacking Pearl Harbor

The code's challenge to al Qaeda is that Jihad has ethics and morals because it is for G-d. This means that it is forbidden to kill women, children, elderly people, priests, messengers, traders and the like. Betrayal is prohibited and it is vital to keep promises and treat prisoners of war in a good way. The code has been circulated among some of the most respected religious scholars in the Middle East and has been given widespread backing. The new code insist that civilians should not be targeted. This is in clear opposition to bin Laden and his terrorist network.

The "Corrective Studies" document, was completed in September, and the LIFG members will be encouraged to convince Libya's youth from going off to fight with al Qaeda. This will happen as soon as they are released from prison, which is imminent. Given its credibility and the fact that several other prominent Jihadists in the Middle East have turned against al Qaeda, the LIFG's about face is an important step toward ending al Qaeda's recruitment. To see the full article on CNN click HERE

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finding a job - How To and How Not!

With the current job crises and having to look for a job, I'm pulling out all stops to nail that great job at that great company. My last job was during the Internet bubble so it was fairly easy to get the job - they grabbed almost anyone they could get because there was such a high demand for hi-tech employees. I must say that I'm fairly polished and look naturally honest and reliable. That helped make the process very easy, but today - for every job there are thousands of applicants. If you are not THE BEST, and AT THE TOP OF THE RESUME PILE don't expect to get the job. So check out these great sites for interesting information on how to land that dream job (Okay - even if it's only a way of bringing home the dough - that's good enough!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

113 People in a MiniVan?

I just received this newspaper cutting from South Africa and couldn't resist posting it to the blog. For those of you who are South African, it's probably not such a surprising article and will illicit a wry smile - yes that's how it is in South Africa - now what else would you expect!!! For non-South Africans it will probably just be a very surprising article! For those who cannot read the text - this is what it says:-

Big squeeze: Traffic officers were speechless when 113 people - 105 of them children - climbed out of this taxi. Some passengers are still inside.

Five outstanding warrants against the driver!

More than I00 children from a crèche were squeezed into a taxi registered to carry 26 people, and 28 children were found packed into a bakkie at Khayelitsha in Cape Town yesterday. Traffic officer Jaco Strydom and Vernon Johnson who stopped the taxi, were speechless when they counted l05 children between the ages at three and six, and eight adults including the driver, crammed into the taxi registered to carry 26 people. The crèche had hired the bus to take the children to the Monwabisi resort for the day. Mogammat Mustapha media liaison assistant for Cape Town Traffic Services said the driver was arrested because he had five outstanding warrants against him. He was fined for driving without a license, having an expired operator's disc and for overloading. The vehicle was taken to the Khayelitsha Traffic Department where it was released to the owner, Mustapha said. “The city at Cape Town’s Social Services Department transported the children and adults back to the crèche. They were disappointed that they had been denied their promised outing, but schools must ensure that the vehicles they using are roadworthy and that the drivers have the necessary licenses”.

Strydom said hours later, at the same spot, they pulled over a bakkie transporting school children. The driver ran away and taxis were organized to take the children home. Own Correspondent.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bombs Away - the mission to Bomb the Moon

A while back I posted a video on the NASA mission to bomb the moon, and why it should not be done. The feedback that I got was that people didn't believe it was true. Anyhow, the date is fast approaching and within 2 days, the experiment will be carried out. In fact the moon will suffer two impacts. First the projectile lower stage and then the upper stage thereafter, which will presumably fly through the debris being expelled from the surface from the lower stage impact. Once the upper stage impacts soon after taking readings and photos, the orbiter will fly past to view the debris and destruction - almost like the last reconnaissance plane in a bombing run, to photograph and survey the damage! Here is a video which explains why they intend bombing the moon. According to the scientific American article the plan is as follows:-
NASA launched a spectacular mission to bomb the Moon on June 16th 2009. Their LCROSS mission blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying a missile that will blast a hole in the lunar surface at twice the speed of a bullet. The missile, a Centaur rocket, will be steered by a shepherding spacecraft that will guide it towards its target - a crater close to the Moon's south pole. Scientists expect the blast to be so powerful that a huge plume of debris will be ejected.
The attack on the Moon is not a declaration of war or act of wanton vandalism. Space scientists want to see if any water ice or vapour is revealed in the cloud of debris. Though the Moon mostly a dry airless desert, they believe ice could be trapped in crater shadows near the south pole which never receive any sunlight. If so it could provide vital supplies for a manned moon base. Last year, British scientists identified regions where water might be found on the Moon and estimated that there could be enough to fill one of Europe's largest reservoirs. The spacecraft will not head straight for the Moon. First it will orbit the Earth a number of times while its precise target is identified. Finally, it will send the missile into the Moon at twice the speed of a bullet on October 8. The shepherding spacecraft will follow close behind, taking pictures and analysing the ejected debris as it looks for evidence of water. It has just four minutes to do this before it crashes into the Moon itself, producing a spectacular explosion that should be visible in amateur astronomers' telescopes.

Sounds like a pretty crazy idea. Taking into account the disclosure taking place about UFO's, aliens and strange happenings, it seems that such a step would be sure to intensify interest by passing aliens "Hey Kronko - did you see what those crazy humans are up to now - they just nuked the moon" - worse would be if we actually hit one of their houses by mistake and they declared war on us. Now seriously speaking - who dreamed up this crazy scenario - why is it that the first thing we humans do when they find something is to destroy it or even better to blow it up (in the name of science). Come on folks - this is ridiculous. Perhaps NASA does have something that they need to destroy on the moon before other space faring nations get there?!....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jonathan Pollard - Why is he not being released

In the DEBKAfile Special Analysis entitled "Israeli state comptroller's report will not affect Jonathan Pollard's fate" (click to read full report) explains that the main conclusions of state comptroller Michah Lindenstrauss's report, published Thursday, Sept. 3rd, does not address intelligence and political realities. It will not affect the US decision to keep Jonathan Pollard in his life sentence without parole, given in 1985 for spying for Israel, nor ease his exceptionally harsh conditions of imprisonment.
The Debka report mentions five reasons why Pollard may not be freed anytime soon:-
1. For the US administration, Jonathan Pollard was never just an Israeli spy but a cog in a machine which encompassed the counterintelligence systems of China and the Soviet Union at a difficult stage in the Cold War. As a member of the US Naval intelligence staff, one of the most secret of all clandestine agencies, he was in contact with foreign agencies other than Israel's.
2. To this day, the Americans have not fully comprehended the true role played (or not played) by Israeli intelligence in Pollard's contacts with other services. That he was paid by some apparently led to his exposure and capture.
3. Broad circles in the US intelligence community believe Pollard was not the only spy Israel employed in the US at that time. They suspect a second senior Israeli agent was operating in the US at the time, apart from Pollard and his Israeli controller, former minister Rafi Eitan.
4. The Americans believe that the secrets Pollard passed to Israel ended up being transferred to Moscow.
5. For the Americans, the Russian angle ties Pollard to Aldrich Ames, the American CIA counter-intelligence officer who spied for Russia in the 1980's and 90's. For 14 years, Ames managed to expose the entire US counter-intelligence apparatus to Moscow at the cost of many lives.
This is not the place to explain how the two espionage affairs interact or why, but it must be stressed that as long as Aldrich does not see the light of day - and he has absolutely no chance of this for now - nothing will change in the US determination to keep Pollard in jail for the rest of his days.

We all hope and pray that the US government will reopen the case and allow Jonathan to have a fair trial. It seems that he was not given a fair chance and there were some severe irregularities in the way he was railroaded into prison. If other agencies got hold of information it was probably the mossad that passed it on in order to obtain some other information from the Russians or Chinese. In addition, Jonathan has spent long enough in prison, has shown regret and his health is in bad shape. Even within the US intelligence community, many believe that Jonathan was a scapegoat, and that he was not given a fair Trial. He has suffered enough!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Can a person come back from the dead?

Recently in our Talmud study class we learned during daf yomi that stated, that in those times (1000 or so years ago), when they buried someone, they didn't bury in the ground but in caves or catacombs above the ground. After the burial they would leave somebody there for 3 days to make sure that the person actually died, and was not just in a coma or sleeping. Being an EMT it seems unbelievable that death could be misdiagnosed - but it does seem possible as per this amazing story that will follow in the video below! We have also seen here in Israel medical staff diagnosing death incorrectly a number of times. It's very shocking indeed, happening with a sick man in an old age home who collapsed and woke up when Zaka came to collect the body. Also two seperate cases of small infants born, where signs of life were noticed when parents came to be identified the body in the morgue only to find vital signs. Unfortunately the two infants didnt make it as I remember but the old man has been released from hospital this week! There are studies by scientists about life after death, re-incarnation and other near death experiences. One of them is a Dr Stevenson who researched near death experiences extensively. Take a look at this true story of a Russian doctor who was hit and killed by a car, but miraculously returns from the dead after 3 days in the morgue. The coroner prepares the body for autopsy and then he wakes up. Boy - he must have jumped out of his skin when the guy woke up! I would have also! Here is the video:-

Part 2

And here is another interesting video on past lives:-

Part 1

Part2 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life 2-5 Video

Part 3 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life 3-5 Video

Part 4 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life 4-5 Video

Part 5 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life 5-5 Video

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Mobile Cellphones are not as safe as you think

Much to our dismay, we had a cellphone mast erected a few hundred meters from our building about 3 years ago. There were protests and one of my friends, the head of a local volunteer ambulance service (Hatzaloh Beit Shemesh) lay down in the foundations, until he was physically removed, and even punched by a police officer. At the time we were really concerned about the dangers of radiation from the mast. Who in their right mind would put a massive mast near to where people live? Especially since they could just as well have put it 1000 meters away in the hills further away?! To lay the cables out there would be more expensive, sure, but fat chance the company actually cares about our health.

After doing some research it became clear to me, that the closer people are to the mast, the more dangerous it becomes. Being hit by the powerful radiation that is used by the mast to communicate with its mobile phones is no fun. Ironically you are probably safer right under the mast than in direct line of sight 30 meters away - since the cells that transmit and receive data point away from the mast (and not down). It's almost like sticking your head in a faulty microwave oven and turning on the power - BANG! - frying your head with microwaves. Recently a law was passed here in Israel, that masts cannot be within a specific distance of inhabited apartments. They have just built apartments between us and the mast so we may be in luck. It seems that since the building went up our connection to the phone company is not great anymore - we used to have great reception! I suppose you can't have your cake and eat it! Trying to work out why the reception was so bad gave me an idea - perhaps the cellphone company turned off the mast because of the law as the new apartments now within 30 meters. I saw a new mast being put up in the hills. Perhaps that's wishful thinking and the building in front of us is just doing a good job of shielding us from the radiation and the connection. Whatever the case - I would rather have a healthy family than a healthy reception on my cellphone!

Just after they finished putting up the new mast we seem to have a better connection. Maybe I'm right about the mast closer to us having been turned off. This is a the irony - everyone wants a better connection but no-one wants the masts! Recently a scandal broke that companies are renting apartments, and placing smaller cells on balconies where they can't be seen. Money it seems corrupts - people seem happy to rent out their apartment and endanger their neighbors!

This is actually not the subject of my post, but a necessary introduction - it turns out that the cellphones, yes the mobiles we put to our ears are as bad - if not worse! The mobiles are frying our brains from close up. What's become even more worrying is the new ideas about wireless electricity. A new technological marvel, originally pioneered by the genius Nikolai Tesla is about to shake up power as we know it. Who knows where this will lead? Just imagine being zapped by 220v in magnetic format - how good could that be for the human body? See the following article on CNN on a cordless future for electricity . In fact the Israeli Health Department has issued some guidelines about charging mobile phones near to where you sleep. They recommend not charging a phone near your head e.g. on the bedside table because the radiation from the charging process affects various glands near ones head. See this report on how heavy cell phone users were subject to a higher risk of benign and malignant tumors of the salivary gland. Another big issue is the high-tension electrical power lines that often go through residential neighborhoods. We also have that in our neighborhood and people are concerned, and rightly so.

Check out this video - and start using a headset!

Part 2

Here are some more links referring to this issue:-

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Interesting Skeleton looking Image in Saudi Arabia

I don't agree with Wyatt and Cornuck's theories that Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia - but there is certainly an interesting object or skeleton at the foot of this mountain. Check these co-ordinates on Google Earth 28.56337N, 35.28077E and you will see the strange object - what could it be? Maybe it's one of the 'giants' mentioned in Genesis - there certainly seems to be a head with two eyes! What's your opinion? Maybe it's the Nachas - the snake that tempted Eve in Gan Eden -the garden of Eden?

Mysterious Holes in Russia

These are pictures of a mysterious hole being explored in a remote part of Russia. There's no good explation, natural or artificial, that explains how this hole came ...
Could these holes be linked to the UFO phenomenen? According to the Talmud, 'aliens' or 'demons' live in holes and lakes in remote locations. There could be a natural explanation though, some say that molten rock melted a tree leaving a hole - perhaps there are other explanations

Tree Man - Unbelievable story

This beautiful looking man (he has a beautiful face), Dee Dee, a 35 year old Indonesian, was afflicted with a dreadful disease which makes him look like a tree! Yes a real tree! It's actually some growths that spouted when he cut his knee. He ignored the wound and seems to have developed wart like growths as a result of a virus.
This Indonesian man who suffers from a rare disease which causes tree-like growths all over his body is seeking help from American medics. Check out this incredible story!

Dee has received help and is slowly getting back to a more normal existence.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life in Ancient Persia - A Collosal Empire

Ever thought that the Persians were a backward nation somewhere in ancient times. How wrong could you be! Persia was one of the greatest empires that existed and looking at their engineering feats and the vastness of their empire, its hard not to be astounded. The book of Esther describes Persia as being 127 nations MeHodu Veud Kush - from India to Kush - just as Kush and India are close, so too was their dominion of even the furthest countries in their empire. Here is a wonderful video series on ancient empires.

Engineering and Empire: The Persians Part 1

Engineering and Empire: The Persians Part 2

Engineering and Empire: The Persians Part 3

Engineering and Empire: The Persians Part 4

Engineering and Empire: The Persians Part 5

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keteb Meriri - A Demon or 'Alien' as they are known today

I am taking the liberty of quoting from the daily halacha (daily Jewish law program) which has an interesting article about the dangers of a 'demon' (alien) or 'Shaid' in Hebrew. Thanks David for forwarding this to me. According to many UFO researchers there are many races of aliens that could be visiting the earth (or could be from a different dimension). The the article is pretty clear that during this period in the Jewish calendar, a time of mourning for Jews, one should take care to avoid a many eyed hairy being called Keteb Meriri, who sees from an eye situated on the chest. The Temple was destroyed on the 9th of the Hebrew month of AV - which takes place tomorrow. The three weeks prior are also considered a time of mourning and may be inauspicious for Jews. As this article mentions it is very unusual for Jewish Law to quote a law that is based on a kabbalistic concept (The kabbalah deals with Jewish Mysticism but it's rare to find such mystical concepts being brought into halacha). Also see my post on UFO's and the connection to the Talmud here

Avoiding Danger During the Three Weeks

The Midrash Shoher Tob (Tehillim 91) speaks about a dangerous “demon” called “Keteb Meriri” that is covered with scales and hair, has eyeballs all over its body, and sees from the eye situated on its chest. It generally resides in areas that are partly sunny and partly shady, and moves by rolling like a ball. Anyone who comes near this demon, the Midrash comments, exposes himself to great danger. The Midrash in fact relates that there were schoolchildren who suffered harm as a result of “Keteb Meriri.” It is specifically during the three weeks of between Shiba Asar Be’Tamuz and Tisha B’Ab, the Midrash teaches, that this harmful spirit surfaces and poses danger.

It is very uncharacteristic for the Shulhan Aruch, which was written as a strictly Halachic code, to include Kabbalistic concepts in presenting Halachic guidelines. Yet, the Shulhan Aruch indeed writes that during the three weeks one should not go outdoors to partially shady areas between the fourth and ninth hours (referring to Halachic hours) of the day, when this demon is most threatening. He adds that during this period, parents should make a point not to hit their children, and teachers should likewise refrain from smacking students, in order to avoid risks. The Midrash tells the story of Rabbi Abahu who saw a teacher with a branch ready to hit an unruly student. Rabbi Abahu sharply condemned the teacher, noting that “Keteb Meriri” was standing right behind him with an iron rod, ready to strike. This story shows the dangers of administering any type of corporal punishment during this period, when we are exposed to the dangers of “Keteb Meriri.”

The Aruch Ha’shulhan (work by Rabbi Yehiel Michel Epstein, Byelorussia, 1829-1908) cites authorities who limit this Halacha to uninhabited areas, such as forests and the like. Inside a city, however, the presence of many people, as well as the presence of Mezuzot on the doorposts, offers a degree of protection from this harmful spirit. On one level, this restriction essentially renders this Halacha practically irrelevant nowadays, when we usually spend our time in towns, cities and other inhabited areas. Nevertheless, this Halacha demonstrates the importance of avoiding danger during this three-week period and keeping a “low profile,” as this period is particularly suited for mishaps and calamity, Heaven forbid. It is therefore advisable to remain in safe, secure quarters during the three weeks, especially between the fourth and ninth hours of the day.

Summary: It is advisable to avoid desolate, outdoor areas between the fourth and ninth hours of the day (as defined by Halacha) during the three weeks between Shiba Asar Be’Tamuz and Tisha B’Ab. More generally, it is proper to avoid all dangerous situations during this period, which is a particularly inauspicious time for the Jewish people.

Friday, July 24, 2009

How drones and UAV's are revolutionizing the face of warfare

The war in Pakistan and Afganistan is being drastically changed by the use of the Predator and other remotely controlled planes and robots. Once they placed hellfire missiles on the drones which were being used for intelligence and eye on the battle missions - war was changed forever. Flying out of Nevada they have been able to take out over 20 of the top leaders of Al-Quaeda. It seems the science fiction books and films about robotic wars is now science fact. Take a look at this great documentary from CNN. If you dont see the video in the frame please refresh the page until they appear - it could take a few seconds.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bin Ladens son taken out by Predator drone

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Blog on Authentic UFO's!!!!

Check out my new video blog totally dedicated to Authentic UFO's

Let the entertainment begin!

i Life World will continue to have interesting posts but will try to stay away from the UFO subject unless it's a personal opinion or interesting post on the subject that doesn't belong on Authentic UFO's

My interest in UFO's has increased with time and I have noticed just how much video and other proof is out there in cyberspace. My biggest frustration is looking through videos which are boring, irrelevant and either hoaxes or the product of a very fertile imagination. I'm not interested in looking at videos or footage that is not authentic or can easily be explained away. There are too many videos of flying orbs and dots and how many do we have to see - is the next video of some flying orbs going to make us more convinced? Witness testimony on the other hand is great evidence that the phenomenon exists and needs to be explained. Courts of law will put people behind bars and in some countries even put people to death based on witness testimony. How so, that when it comes to UFO's, witness testimony is not enough. In addition, many sightings are backed up by radar. You cannot explain away the multiple sightings and trace evidence that exists in many of these cases. It does seem that whoever is piloting these UFO's tends to stay out of view when possible. Many questions need to be answered - Is there a correlation between the viewers and the crafts. What about abductions, are they real or not? (Yes, can someone who is being abducted PLEASE setup a video camera in a position where it can film the whole process for all of us!) Why is it so difficult to prove these crafts exist. Have we tried hard enough? Is the reality of UFO's proof of aliens. Maybe there are beings on this planet that we don't know about, or could it just be the military, or perhaps the occult or other dimensional beings. It seems that the ancients and past civilizations knew a lot more about this than we do - and perhaps we are better off. Are we about to open a 'can of worms'? Could we be inadvertently opening ourselves up to forces beyond our capabilities and could it well be a threat to our security. Many of these questions need to be answered and perhaps the US authorities are keeping this secret for good reason? Whatever the truth - I hope to show some human testimony and only those videos which seem authentic and plausible to individuals of sound mind. I hope this will be an informative ride...

Save the Moon from being Nuked

Did you know that NASA has launched a rocket with a nuclear explosive to bomb the moon?

Apparently NASA is planning to do just that supposedly to see if water vapour is released. Many are very opposed to this action. There is a group of many ex-NASA people that say that there are objects on the moon that have been made by intelligent design. Apparently many photos of the moon have been 'airbrushed' to conceal objects found on the moon. If you are interested you can look at the following posts:-

Here are some videos on NASA's plan to Nuke the Moon:-

Save the Moon 1

Save the Moon 2

Save the Moon 3

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Many Palestinians are Jewish or have Jewish origions

It's an unknown fact that many Palestinians are in fact Jewish or have Jewish roots, and not only because of Jewish girls who have intermarried. There has always been a Jewish presence in the Holy Land for many thousands of years and many converted to Islam only in recent history. Their love of the land was greater perhaps than their Jewish roots - or even more likely they became Muslims to protect their lives. There is even a genetic similarity and apparently many have the 'Cohen' gene. If you don't believe me check out this video:-

Monday, June 1, 2009

Face Transplant Update

Here is an update on our previous posting about face transplants . At the press conference an extremely brave and courageous patient presented herself to the world. It was moving that she chose to speak about the donor and the family of the person who's face was given to her, instead of looking inwards - as many people in a similar position may have done. She points out poignantly that this could happen to anyone and therefore people should think twice before staring and making insensitive comments. Some of the content of the video may be disturbing to some.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

What did Apollo 11 Astronauts see?

Buzz Aldrin explains an interesting encounter with an unidentified during the first mission to the moon in the video that follows. Interesting is the comments as to why the encounter was 'swept under the carpet'. Although this could have been disclosed as an unknown phenomenon - perhaps after the mission, NASA chose to ignore the sighting and ignore the phenomenon. Why could they not have come out saying that the astronauts had seem some unknown light or object during the mission? There were many new and unusual phenomenon during this new journey and it could have been any new unexplained science - they chose instead the proverbial ostrich mentality! So much for NASA.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Noah's Ark

Ever imagine how big Noah's ark really was? Well now, people in Hong Kong can go and see a replica of Noah's Ark which apparently has been built according to the dimensions written in the bible. The bible writes that the Arks length was 300 cubits, width 50 cubits and height was 30 cubits - see Genesis 5:25. For the best translation of the Torah (Bible) see 'The Living Torah' by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan - printed by Maznaim, 4304 12th Avenue NY 11219 ISBN 0-940118-29-7. According to Aryeh Kaplans translation and notes the ark was made of cypress wood, from the greek word kyparissos (from kaphar or gaphar being derived from the Hebrew) - some say it was pine or boxwood. The Targum - an Aramaic translation by Onkeles renders it as kadrom or kardos which the talmud in rosh hashanah says is cedar wood - it translates gopher as mabliga or gomish - both species of cedar. The Septuagint, however translates it as 'squared timber' The Septuagint is a greek translation by 70 Rabbis who all translated the Bible into Greek - each one was locked in a room and all came out with the exact same translation - this was a great miracle! It was made of compartments - on the inside and outside it was coated in pitch (asphalt or bitumen). It had 3 decks (floors) - had a skylight - some say it was a luminous stone (perhaps the first electric device for providing light - my comment!). The Ark was slanted to a point (almost like a pyramid) with the top being one cubit by one cubit. There was a door on the side. According to Rabbi Kaplan the cubit is approximately 18 inches so the ark was 450 feet (138 meters) by 75 feet wide (23 Meters), by 45 feet high (14 Meters) - some regard a cubit as being 24 inches .The cubit is based on the size of a man's arm. There is some dispute by the Rabbi's whether people of those times were bigger or smaller or the same size as today - although suits of armor from the middle ages seem to suggest that people were smaller, perhaps from malnutrition, - in the times of the bible they may have been bigger - in fact there were giants and huge skeletons have been found from that period - however it would seem that we dont use giants as the measure for the cubit. Check out the following video:-

Also check out the search for Noah's ark at the following URL:-
and an amzing presentation:-
and here is a video of Noah's ark today on Mount Ararat:-
Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fingerprint of G-d

I was just sent an amazing video, which shows that the world was created by intelligent design. This amazing mathematical formula was developed by a mathematician by the name of Leonardo of Pisa (c. 1170 – c. 1250), also known as Leonardo Pisano, Leonardo Bonacci, Leonardo Fibonacci, or, most commonly, simply Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician, considered by some "the most talented mathematician of the Middle Ages". For more info on 'Fibonacci' select the following link to Wikipedia:-

For more on the Fibonacci sequence see here:-

Check this out:-

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to make money

Want to make some serious money? According to a very clever and wealthy self made businessman, these are the rules:- Keywords: Money Business advice, Broker, business deal, sell, buy, wealth, business

  1. Don't get involved in a business that takes up too much of your time.
  2. Be the dreamer and visionary, get others to do the work.
  3. Don't focus on a small market, concentrate on the locations that have large population masses.
  4. Never take a partner (It always ends up with pain).
  5. Worry about how to do things when you come to it. Once you have a deal, you will either work it out yourself of find someone else who can do it for you!
  6. Always sell BEFORE you buy.
  7. Do big deals, as no-one expects you to be able to pay for it.
  8. Brokering is the best business to be in.
  9. A good business makes money on it's own, without you needing to be there all the time. Once the business is setup, it must make money by being there! (for example - cellphone companies make money when people talk without them doing anything - people talk and they get rich! Obviously there are setup costs - but once the business is going - the profits must be self generating!)

Friday, May 15, 2009

UFO Hunters

I have seen a really interesting video series called UFO Hunters where they investigate the UFO and other related phenomenon. A great UFO site is and you can see some of these episodes on there.

I can't escape from being interested in UFO's - mainly from the scientific point of view and how it matches Jewish sources in the Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Zohar etc. There is a surprising correlation between whats known by Ufologists and what the Rabbi's knew thousands of years ago. Take for example the following:-

In the Talmud they are referred to as Shin Dalets (the 2 Hebrew letters that make up the word Shaid) – shaidim (badly translated as demons – as they live in the ‘shade’ i.e. shadows) – or Mazikim – (translated as the Damagers).

Nimrod, who was king at the time of the tower of Babel – was a great hunter according to the Midrash (ancient commentary on the bible) – he hunted aliens (demons and angels) and was able to capture them and use them. The tower of Babel was in fact some sort of space travel – perhaps a rocket or wormhole or vortex?

The Talmud is clear why they are so evasive – a result of a treaty between the demons and a great Rabbi who banished them from places where people live.

The Talmud says they don’t like light, don’t often go after more than one person, except in ‘their places’. For this reason one is not allowed to leave someone in the synagogue at night by himself, if he came late for the evening prayer.

If you see an upside down plate used for porridge – that’s them (clearly a reference to flying saucers).

Don’t go in certain places, like next to a palm tree when the palm tree is next to a fence or a secluded spot. They don’t bother you unless you bother them.

There is a formula of how to make a substance that will enable one to see them – this is not advised because it would cause the person to become insane.

In a book from a kabbalist that I have in my library, written over 100 years ago, explains the Talmud’s story of king Solomon’s dealings with Aishmadai king of the shaidim (a very interesting story indeed – too long for this post) and says as follows about them (italics are mine):-

1. There are shaidim (aliens) that are made of 2 elements – fire and air and they live in the ‘wind’ and they have a living soul. This first type are neutral and not evil or good.

2. There are some shaidim that are objects and they live in the earth, some of them are plant like and they live in lakes, seas, rivers and boreholes (underground lakes) – and these are particularly evil

3. There is a third type that can talk and they are based on fire – these are the highest form. Some of them are Jewish and some are not Jewish (they have religion i.e. some are good and heed G-d while others do not– italics my own explanation)

4. Ashmadai (The king of the Shaidim) is a Jewish name – any king of the shaidim is called Ashmadai (i.e. it’s a title – italics my own explanation) – like Pharaoh in Egypt – his name stems from the fact that he is made of ‘fire’ at his source –Aish = fire in Hebrew and Admai is earth in Hebrew i.e. fire and earth – They are similar to a person.

5. They come into our dimension through the ‘mountain’ which is opposite the “containers/coverings of light’, which is half bad and half good (no idea what half bad and half good means). They cannot go higher in the heavens than that ‘mountain’, but they can hear mystical things (higher intelligence i.e. filtering down from the Supreme Being i.e. G-d) – so when they come into the world they come through this mountain (Vortexes?, star gate, wormhole - my italics!).

6. Aishmadai would prepare water for his return to earth so that he could drink on his arrival since his nature is from fire - when he comes from the firmament (mentioned in the bible in the creation of the world – from ‘space’) to ‘earth’ –he needs to cool himself down (re-entry through the atmosphere?).

7. Once he was captured by Solomon’s servant (clearly it's possible to capture these beings - so maybe the US government does have them from crashed vehicles etc.) – he appeared as a human being and could not use his full powers, minor strength remained but he was under the power of Solomon’s servants and ordered not to use them except in specific situations where they allowed him to use his strength. Btw. King Solomon - the wisest of all men - came out for the worse after having dealings with this king of the aliens.

8. These shaidim can manipulate time (i.e. travel long distances in a short time). In fact there are many instances where there has been 'kvitzas haderech' in the Bible i.e. a journey took much less time than it should have under normal conditions - see Rashi's commentry on the section before Jacob has his dream with the ladder.

9. The legs of shaidim are similar to those of a chicken and they have dirt on them because that is their connection to this material world – his main strength is in his legs – and he can’t (or doesn’t wish to) change them to human feet (i.e. it seems that other parts of his body he can ‘morph’ ) since their powers come from these unholy elements (dirt, unclean) and they are very happy and proud of these forces they use. [My note: I find this very interesting because in the Talmud it states that if you are being visited by shaidim (abducted) you can hang the feet of slaughtered chickens (i.e. cut off legs!) next to your bed – as this scares them off – in addition a knife with a double sided blade also scares them off – presumably because you could use it to cut off their feet i.e. the source of their power].

10. You should know that here in Bagdad (back to the kabbalists writings) we guard a newborn baby on the first Friday night of his life to protect him/her from them, since they are very active on Friday nights and we stick a metal prong through chicken legs by the bed (as mentioned by me above because they are scared of losing their strength).

(end of quote from Ben Yehoyaha on Gittin)

The Talmud learns from the bible that they live in pits, caves and water. It mentions that they are very intimidating. I have been told that there are some kabbalists that have captured these shaidim and use them as servants (some stories are hair-raising).

Shaidim are mentioned in Jewish law e.g. if a woman slept with a shaid – she is not forbidden to husband.

Also – there is a question if you can use a shaid to do something that would be forbidden on the Sabbath (Saturday – no work is allowed).

The Talmud mentions that it is forbidden to pray to a demon and tells you how to differentiate between a demon and an angel.

There is a proof from the bible in the Talmud of races on other planets – referring to the plague that Sanheirib endured and lost the war when he tried to conquer Jerusalem from King Hezekiah – it says that this alien race were punished for not helping to destroy Sanheiribs army (It’s in a piece of text from Psalms - quoted in the Mispacha magazine article on UFO's).

It also mentions a story of a certain Rabbi who needed to get to Rome quickly to represent the Jews – not having enough time he went to a ritual bathhouse (out in a secluded place) which was frequented by a ‘friendly’ demon (alien) who helped him by throwing him to Rome in a second.

In another story a demon was creating trouble for people in a place of worship and they sent a great Rabbi to that place (he was not told of the demons presence but they knew he was very G-d fearing and would pray to G-d when confronted by this being – thereby destroying it). After encountering this being and praying, the shul (synagogue) became a safe place however the Rabbi complained to the community that they had risked his life unnecessarily.

The Zohar (kabalistic work) talks about an alien breeding program and that there are many different types/species of them. It talks about these shaidim using human semen to create ‘containers’ Klipot in Hebrew – see an interesting statement on the alien agenda by Lear at: “And they, the aliens, refer to us as "Containers." There's been speculation that the souls our bodies contain is the reason for the experiments. But nothing's been proven or determined.” This fits well with the zohar.

Note – it is clear that they do harm humans – perhaps this is why the US government does not want to release information and cause panic. We know about cattle mutilations and I have seen pictures on the web of human mutilations and apparently human remains were found in UFO’s – so their policy in some way makes sense.

I find it unusual that no-one has ever picked up on the Talmud before now (Maybe because it’s only studied by Orthodox Jews).

The reason why the aliens (Shaidim) are becoming so interested in us is because we are approaching the time of the messiah and the world shattering events that will occur at that time as mentioned in the bible (Zechariah) – when nations of the world will come against Israel to destroy them. The famous 2012 year – is actually very close to the latest time by which the messiah must arrive.

It’s written in holy writings that there is currently a war between the forces of evil and the forces of good in the heavens, so this explains their great interest in us now.

Take a look at some of the UFO hunters videos. Here is one part of an episode that is really interesting.

Animal mutilations - scary...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kennedy shot from a drain

A while ago I was researching the assasination of Kennedy and came across the following video. This video shows scientific proof of the location of the shooter that killed Kennedy with the infamous 'head-shot'. It's interesting because it's a new twist on whats already known and makes a whole lot more sense than the 'grassy knoll' theory. Let me know what you think! The bigger question is who actually sent the killer(s) and why - my father likes to say that the bigger question is who didn't want Kennedy killed. Kennedy had so many enemies and he was ahead of his time. He was trying to fight the mafia, the oil men in texas, Cuba, the military industrial complex, big business and corruption (and some say he wanted to know too much about UFO's... who doesn't have a reason to say why he was assasinated!). Had the public emnity towards big business, and the courts been what they are today, after Enron, World Corp and Bernie Madoff, pehaps he would have had a better chance.., or maybe not.... In many ways there is a similarity between Kennedy and Obama - as one taxi driver in Jerusalem said to me, on inauguration day - lets hope he doesnt land up like Kennedy. At least the security detail is much more advanced today than that fateful day in Texas, where his security was clearly compromised. Take a look at this video - I suppose, if they could solve where the shot came from, perhaps they may eventually find the truth about who actually ordered the hit. Try this link if you don't see the video below

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Germania - the former dictator’s architectural vision for Berlin as the “capital of the world.”

A look into the underground tunnels of Adolf Hitler has unearthed the former dictator’s architectural vision for Berlin as the “capital of the world.”
The tunnels, lying about 50 feet below Tiergarten Park, were part of a vast underground network that would have included roads and a rail system. Above the surface, a series of huge buildings, which were never completed due to World War II.
The city, which has since been dubbed “Germania,” would have far outshined the architecture of cities like Paris and Rome, with its center being the biggest domed hall in history.
The three enormous tunnels normally closed to the public due to safety, were recently opened under Berlin, giving a taste of Adolf Hitler's megalomaniac vision of a new centre for the capital of Nazi Germany. Tours need to be arranged in advance.
The overground plans, never completed because of World War Two, included boulevards, squares and huge buildings, such as an arch dwarfing the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and the 290-metre high Great Hall, with room for 180,000 people. These splendous and architecturally rich buildings were designed by Nazi architect Albert Speer, including the biggest domed hall the world had ever seen. 16 meter (50 foot) tunnels including a transport network, were constructed in 1938 as part of an underground transport network beneath the planned city.
"The tunnels -- which are in surprisingly good condition -- were part of Speer's grand plans, what we now call 'Germania'," historian Dietmar Arnold, head of the Berlin Underground Association and bunker tour guide, told Reuters.
Last week, Arnold -- who runs an exhibition of Hitler's plans -- took journalists on a rare visit into the dank tunnels.
"The acoustics are incredible," said Arnold, who likes singing a note and hearing it reverberate around him.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The media driven liberal Muslim Anti-Semetic 'blood libel' alliance in Gaza - Israel the victim of yet another blood libel

Isn't it amazing how a "media driven, liberal, Muslim, anti-Semitic, blood libel" has taking place since the Israeli Gaza operation. Using the same tactics as the German nazis and the Egyptians of ancient Egypt, the world is back to its favorite pastime of blaming the victims i.e. the Israelis (read Jews) for committing 'crimes' and using that as an excuse to justify horrific anti-Israel bias and even attacks on Jews. In ancient Egypt they claimed that the Jews were 'unpatriotic' and 'would join the enemy in a war' - using that as an excuse, they enslaved the Jews. The nazi's blamed the Jews for 'controlling the world' and being 'the cause of all the worlds problems' - That led to the gassing of 6 or more million Jews and even more Russians, Gypsies, and any person that they felt stood in their way. The media driven liberal muslim anti-Semetic 'blood libel' alliance claims that Israel uses a 'barbaric' and 'violent' operation against 'innocent' and 'helpless' , 'women and children'. Yes, this will be used as an excuse to kill Jews and after that, the rest of the world will have to deal with nuclear and biological armed Iran/terrorist attacks in the West. As a result of a policy of appeasement by 'Neville Chamberlain's heirs (read 'Obama and European Union ministers') the world will wake up to a provocative nuclear armed Iran and their folly will be exposed. Who knows if a 'Winston Churchill' figure will be able to stop them. G-d Help us all. Check out this video which puts the record straight on who is the real instigator and who is the victim:-

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Aurora Mach 11.8 Stealth Plane - NASA Test Flight

It's Official. After my last post I did some more research and, lo and behold, NASA tested the plane in 2004. The name of the plane is the X-43A and at that time it raised the bar to a speed of Mach 9.6

To see related information click on this link:- and to se a video of the test flight click on this link:-

If NASA tested this in 2004, imagine what the military is doing with it today!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Aurora Mach 11.8 Stealth Plane

Does the US Airforce have a supersonic plane that can travel at speeds in excess of 8000 mph?

Take a look at these videos and let me know what you think!

Does the Aurora make use of a Pulse Detonation Engine?

Could this plane be the source of UFO sightings around the world? Is it back engineered from 'Alien Technology'? A UFO Researcher Discusses Project Aurora.

Check out this amazing comtrail (Contrail, Chemtrail if you please). Aurora test flight leaves a gigantic contrail ....this low level fly past was so fast the camera operator couldn't catch the acutal plane itself...(and the word isn't 'chemtrail' either! some people think)....unknown location. Please click the link to see the video clip.

Another Contrail?

Yet another photo of the Aurora? - you decide!

Have a look at the following article which discusses the flying triangle sightings

And some footage:-

Here is an interesting slide show of secret NASA Aircraft

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Peres finally says it like it is

Well done President Shimon Peres - you spoke it like it is - You showed the world who is the real victim - Israel, and who is the troublemaker, Iran and Proxies, i.e. Hezbollah, Hamas etc. Check out his speech approx. 40 minutes into the video. How the truth stings - Turkish Prime Minister is unable to answer except to choke on some meaningless blame storming about Israeli 'Brutality' without answering Peres in any way, and storming out like a child. The Palestinians ( and some Arabs) love to do this, show them the facts and the truth and all they can do is to attempt emotional blackmail. Half of the video's showing children killed were pure fiction, ask the French - they are good at this. I didn't see one child in the so called attack by Israel on the UN School - only adults in military uniform i.e. Hamas people who had just fired rockets and been hit in a retaliatory strike. Shimon Peres, you stood up for the truth - G-d Bless you!

Why didn't president Bush pardon Jonathan Pollard?

For the facts of the Jonathan Pollard case please look at the following URL: and also for further information see It's clear to many that Jonathan Pollard has served his time, and has expressed regret for his actions. No one else in the history of the United States has ever received a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally - only Jonathan Pollard. The median sentence for this offense is two to four years. Even agents who have committed far more serious offenses on behalf of hostile nations have not received such a harsh sentence. Jonathan Pollard fulfilled his end of the plea agreement, cooperating fully with the prosecution. In a dissenting opinion, Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Williams called the case "a fundamental miscarriage of justice," and wrote that he would have ordered that Pollard's sentence be vacated. In spite of the gross injustices of the Pollard case which include: a grossly disproportionate sentence,a broken plea agreement, use of secret evidence, a false charge of treason, ineffective assistance of counsel ex parte communication between prosecutors and judge, a lack of due process,a sentencing procedure infected by false allegations and lies. Amicus briefs supporting Jonathan's new legal cases have been filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as by top American legal authorities.

On November 21, 2008, Jonathan Pollard entered the 24th year of his life sentence, with no end in sight.

President Bush did not grant clemency for Jonathan Pollard at the end of his Presidency.We should all pray for Yonasan ben Malka, and do whatever we can to make sure he will be released. This is a miscarriage of justice which needs to be set straight.

Many expressed shock that President Bush did not pardon Jonathan?
Is it possible that Jonathan is being held because the Israeli government continued to spy on the USA? Take a look at these reports from Fox News and let me know what you think. Although these videos were taken from a liberal website, if there is any truth to these allegations - it would explain a lot.

In December 2001 Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S., who may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron released details in the first of a four-part series.These items have since been removed from the FOX News web site.

Fox News - Part1 - Israeli Spy ring
by exprofesso

Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 2

Tonight, in the second of four reports on spying by Israelis in the U.S., we learn about an Israeli-based private communications company, for whom a half-dozen of those 60 detained suspects worked. American investigators fear information generated by this firm may have fallen into the wrong hands and had the effect of impeded the Sept. 11 terror inquiry. Here's Carl Cameron's second report.

Fox News - Part2 - Israeli Spy ring
by exprofesso

Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 3
Comverse, CALEA, Israel and the terror investigation BRIT HUME, HOST: Last time we reported on an Israeli-based company called Amdocs Ltd. that generates the computerized records and billing data for nearly every phone call made in America. As Carl Cameron reported, U.S. investigators digging into the 9/11 terrorist attacks fear that suspects may have been tipped off to what they were doing by information leaking out of Amdocs.

Fox News - Part3 - Israeli Spy ring
by exprofesso

Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 4
Carl Cameron has reported on a longstanding government espionage investigation. Federal officials this year have arrested or detained nearly 200 Israeli citizens suspected of belonging to an "organized intelligence-gathering operation." The Bush administration has deported most of those arrested after Sept. 11, although some are in custody under the new anti-terrorism law.

This is what the Pollard web site had to say about this.
You don't have to be excessively paranoid to see a link between the way Israel is perceived in some corners in Washington and the bureaucratic obstacles placed in the way of the acquisition of Sourcefire by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP) last week. One of the Maryland-based IT security company's products, Snort, is part of the intrusion prevention and detection technology systems used by the US Department of Defense and other entities in the US.

Ostensibly, the obstacles are anchored in national interest security considerations: a (rare) 45-day investigation into the security aspects of the transfer of control of sensitive technology to foreign hands. But when one examines the obstacle in light of well-publicized accusations spread by anonymous government sources against a few Israeli technology companies a few years ago, fear arises that Check Point ought to prepare not only to allay the regulator's legitimate concerns, but also to deal with in-built hostility on the part of certain administration officials towards Israel, especially towards a particular sector of Israeli technology companies.

In May 2000, reports began appearing in the US media linking Amdocs Ltd. (NYSE: DOX) to the wiretapping of government communications. "Insight", a magazine of the right-wing "Washington Times" group, cited "scores" of sources, including intelligence sources, who claimed that the FBI was convinced that Amdocs, a contractor for upgrading the White House's telephony system, had listed to conversations in the president's residence.

The reports was echoed widely, until "The New York Times" quoted two FBI sources as saying that Amdocs was clear of all suspicion. Nonetheless, the conclusion about Amdocs's innocence only came after a year-long investigation. There were enough FBI officials to whom the allegations against the Israeli technology company seems likely enough to warrant such a lengthy investigation.

In December 2001, two months after the September 11 terrorist attacks, reports reemerged, again citing "federal sources", about the involvement of Israeli technology companies in US espionage activities. In a series of shows, "Fox News" correspondent Carl Cameron claimed that, in the late 1990s, the FBI and other agencies had investigated Amdocs "more than once". In 1999, the US National Security Agency (NSA) warned that electronic records telephone calls in the US had reached Israeli hands, according to Cameron.

In another report, Cameron said Comverse Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: CMVT) subsidiary Comverse Infosys, a provider of surveillance equipment to US law enforcement agencies, was itself conducting secret wiretapping through a back door in the equipment it installed.

This was not a marginal report or a loony medium. Fox is the leading television news channel, with twice as many viewers as CNN. Nor is Cameron small fry. He is now "Fox News" chief White House correspondent. Nor is "Fox News" hostile towards Israel; on the contrary, it is considered the most pro-Israel television news channel in the US. This may explain why it erased Cameron's reports from its website a few days after they were broadcast. The reports can now only be found in electronic archives.

The reports disquieted Israeli diplomats at the time. They believed that there was a hard core of officials at the Defense Department, FBI, and other agencies, who bore bitter resentment of what they saw as Israeli intelligence operations in the US, rightly or wrongly. This assessment has not changed, and the same figures are probably involved.

As for Israel's Embassy in Washington, embassy spokesman David Segal said on Friday, "We have no comment on the matter."
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