Sunday, February 1, 2009

Peres finally says it like it is

Well done President Shimon Peres - you spoke it like it is - You showed the world who is the real victim - Israel, and who is the troublemaker, Iran and Proxies, i.e. Hezbollah, Hamas etc. Check out his speech approx. 40 minutes into the video. How the truth stings - Turkish Prime Minister is unable to answer except to choke on some meaningless blame storming about Israeli 'Brutality' without answering Peres in any way, and storming out like a child. The Palestinians ( and some Arabs) love to do this, show them the facts and the truth and all they can do is to attempt emotional blackmail. Half of the video's showing children killed were pure fiction, ask the French - they are good at this. I didn't see one child in the so called attack by Israel on the UN School - only adults in military uniform i.e. Hamas people who had just fired rockets and been hit in a retaliatory strike. Shimon Peres, you stood up for the truth - G-d Bless you!

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