Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why innocent people should never talk to the police

You would think that if the police called you in for a interview, that you should obviously go in and be as helpful as possible. It turns out that it may not be the best idea. In the following video, Professor James Duane explains what can go wrong and how you could end up being incriminated for something you never did. This is really a very amusing video, yet not so funny in real life! Here's the link if the video below does not work.

In the following video, "Don't Talk to the Police" by Officer George Bruch - George Bruch from the Virginia Beach police department, responds to Professor James Duane's presentation on why innocent people should never talk to the police.
Here's the link if the video below does not work.

For further information on police interview methods take a look at

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Is it possible that UK UFO hacker Gary McKinnon found NASA fraud?

UK hacker Gary McKinnon is due to be extradited to the US for hacking into NASA and other top secret military sites. The final decision by a UK judge will take place on the same day that Barak Obama is inaugurated as the next president of the United States, i.e. 20th January 2009. If he loses his fight against extradition, he could find himself in prison for up to 70 years for breaking into these sites.
According to Jeff Peckman of the Denver UFO Examiner - Gary may be able to come up with a novel defence which could blow the lid on UFO disclosure. It turns out that McKinnon may have the evidence to prove that NASA has defrauded the people of the United States for billions of dollars.

McKinnon claims to have discovered NASA files containing evidence of UFOs of extraterrestrial origin. Numerous Disclosure Project whistle-blowers formerly with Top Secret security clearance have revealed that NASA has hidden, destroyed, or altered videos or photos that contained images of UFOs or extraterrestrial life forms. Yet NASA has claimed that "we are honest and ethical in all that we do".

NASA requests and allocates funding of over $17 billion each year and a large portion is used to "look for signs of life in other planetary systems". If it can be proven , that NASA was obtaining funding while at the same time hiding, destroying or altering evidence of "signs of life" that it has already found, that would place NASA, and not McKinnon in hot water. Not only will McKinnons discovery unveil a possible fraud at NASA, but it's also revealed the poor cyber-security, which will now have to be upgraded.

McKinnon may have a hard time using whistle-blower laws and the Whistleblower Protection Act of 2007 has been held up by the Bush administration. This act would would extend protections to “to employees of companies with government contracts”. It would also extend “protections to employees of science-based agencies by providing that ‘abuse of authority’ includes ‘any action that compromises the validity or accuracy of federally funded research and analysis’ and ‘the dissemination of false or misleading scientific, medical, or technical information’.” This has NASA written all over it.

Members of the Obama cabinet support disclosure of the “X-Files” on UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors. These files have been kept secret for over 60 years by governments and a complicit media. Maybe McKinnon should be rewarded, not punished.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Face Transplant

Wow! In an operation that took almost one day, transplant surgeons gave a woman with severe facial damage, an entirely new face from a cadaver. This was necessary as she could not eat on her own, or breathe without a hole in her windpipe, doctors at the Cleveland Clinic said on Wednesday December 18th, 2008. The woman’s identity was not disclosed, nor was the cause of her injury or the donor’s identity, however this is a major advance in transplanting and a highly experimental procedure. Dr. Maria Siemionow, a native of Poland, led the surgical team, which took turns at the operating table, of the the world’s fourth partial face transplant, the USA's first.

The Cleveland Clinic institutional review board said in 2004 that a face transplant was ethical and possible and approved Dr. Siemionow’s scientific blueprint for the experimental procedure. It was the first time any ethics committee in the world had given such permission. Medical ethicist's said Wednesday that in face transplant surgery the risks and benefits to the patient must be weighed carefully. The benefits of a face transplant are not only cosmetic, Dr. Finder said, adding, “The repair of the face can also have significant social consequences — like the ability to speak, or the ability to eat, that can be replaced because of having lips.”
To read more about this amazing procedure click the link to the New York Times:-http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/18/health/s18face.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=face%20transplant&st=cse
To see the video on ABC click:- http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=6486752 or simply view the embedded video below from ITN:-

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The secret of a good marriage

I was just reading a great book by Rav Shalom Arush - The Garden of Peace. It is for all men who want the secret of a good marriage and relationship. Skeptical at first, I was impressed with what I read in this book. The basic point he makes, at the beginning of the book, is that a man should never, ever, level any criticism whatsoever, however soft and cushioned, against his partner. This may sound extreme to some, and in fact when I married my wife, we made a pact that if anything ever bothered us, we would be sure to let each other know. Otherwise, how can you have a good relationship? Surely you need to tell you partner everything that bothers you?!

After being married for 21 years I can tell all you out there, that this is simply not a good policy, at least not when its leveled as a criticism. Lets say your beloved wife/partner served you with a burnt offering one night for supper. You are forbidden to say anything negative. Eat whatever you can, but not one single word should pass your lips hinting of displeasure (body language included). When she complains that she is sorry and burnt the supper because she was on the phone to a friend...... politely say that you understand and that it must have been so frustrating. Not a word more!!!

I always used to think that if I didn't tell her that she should be careful not to make mistake abc, and she should not do xyz like that, I was actually helping. What I noticed myself, and what I couldn't understand is that a woman is so sensitive to criticism and can't take it. Even to admit and say "yes darling, I made a mistake and I'll do it the way you say next time" is almost absolutely impossible for a woman (this is not a criticism of women - men don't take criticism any better).

A woman is extra sensitive to any criticism in a marriage/partnership. As Rav Shalom Arush explains, what a woman needs in a relationship from her husband, is to feel that she is the perfect wife. Any criticism you level at you wife/partner is saying "You are not the perfect wife for me" and nothing could be a bigger insult. If your partner is not perfect, then you are just as imperfect, because she is your spouse! You are insulting yourself.

Now I'm not saying that you should never tell your spouse what is bothering you. That is necessary when one is in a good relationship. Just cut out criticism in whatever form. For example, you spouse makes you some boiled cabbage and you don't like it, simply leave it on your plate and compliment her for all the other food (it would be better to eat it even if you don't like it). If she asks why didn't you eat the cabbage, blame yourself. Thank her for making it and for giving you a chance to try a new dish (you should eat at least a spoonful), then tell her that you apologize but "cabbage is not something that I ate as a child" or make some other excuse. Resist the urge to say "You know I don't like cabbage, why did you make it"

The book goes on the explain that your spouse is a mirror of your character traits. If you see something to criticize in your partner, chances are that you suffer from the same bad character trait. If you work on fixing it, the problem will go away by itself. This is similar to the talmud dictum that someone who sees bad character traits in someone else is guilty as charged. If the person criticizing couldn't imagine doing what he is saying - he could never even begin to level such a criticism - it simply would not occur to him.

Get the book!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tefillin, Rocks, and an Arab I was Really Happy to See

This is an amazing story and a miracle that happened to a good friend of mine:-

We had a big day today. Yakov Dovid is coming of age in a few months and his Bubie & Zaidee are generously getting him his pair of tefillin. We were invited to Tefillin Beit El, which is located in......Beit El (part of the West Bank of the Jordan River) to be present for the insertion of the parchments into the tefillin. I'd never been to Beit El before, but not to worry, my trusty GPS which runs through my phone has guided me on countless trips to unfamiliar places. It's Very Dependable. Y.D. and I had an unscheduled half and hour of learning gemarra Rosh HaShana in shul during his school recess. Really nice learning. We went home, got ready, and left a few minutes later. As we were driving I mentioned to Yanki that since neither of us have been to Beit El before, we'll be doing the mitzvah of travelling a new 4 cubits in the Land of Israel. It was smooth sailing from Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem because I know the way. When we got to E. Jerusalem and parts I wasn't familiar with I had to start concentrating more on where exactly the GPS was taking me. Right past the French hill bridge it indicated straight at a traffic circle. I obliged. That was followed by a command of "go 2.1km and make a legal u-turn." When we returned to the traffic circle we were told to turn right, which we did, followed by another right. I saw a military road block, which i mistakenly assumed was the road block leading to the Ramallah bypass road. (Israel has many bypass roads around Arab cities, but strangely enough, none around Jewish cities. There are even bypass road bypasses!!!! We'll it turned out that we were able to sneak by the army roadblock into the Shuafat Refugee camp un-noticed by the soldiers. A couple of Anglo religious Jews might have caught their eye on most occasions, but we were just plain (un)lucky. I couldn't take the first turn suggested by the GPS since it was non existent due to either recent traffic changes or road work. "go straight 120m and turn left" (deeper into the lion's den) said the GPS into my ear. I knew we weren't in Kansas any more. We weren't even in the South Bronx. The pressure was on to get out of there and not to become a news article in the local media. I saw that my dependable GPS was taking us in a circle back to the non existent turn via a really narrow street. All of this was at about 12:45 pm, when the whole town seemed to be releasing students from a day's school. The streets were flooded with children from around 3 to 17. The little ones just walk at their own pace, nice and slowly. The older ones noticed some people that didn't belong there. One 16 year old boy walked nice and slowly right in front of my van, apparently just to give the others time for the welcoming reception. When he moved to the side, I saw that my narrow street was dug up and not passable at the end. I'd have to back my van out and try not to run anyone over while people were asking me what I was doing there.The gemarra says that God prepares the cure before the sickness. Mine was walking down the street. About 20-21 years old. He wanted to know what I was doing there. Said I needed to get out right away. The locals were already gathering a rock reception for me. He walked behind my van clearing the way and telling people I was his boss at work. As I got out of that tight road, he got in next to Yanki in the front seat. He said to drive fast and honk a lot. Not to make a left to go back where I came from because that's where the locals were waiting to greet us, rather to go off in another direction so I'd circumvent them. Yanki was saying tehillm. I was driving and honking but not driving fast enough for my driver who wanted to know who taught me to drive. The roads were still full of kids and I thought that if I ran over anybody, we'd for sure be dead meat, so I couldn't race through the crowd. We made it to the checkpoint. My friend got out and yelled at the soldiers for letting me into that hell hole. I thanked him very much. I even prayed at mincha that Hashem should reward him for the way he helped us.The whole non-event probably lasted 5-6 minutes and tired me out for the day. I was thinking, while I was driving in the camp about this weeks Torah portion which I started reading this morning. Yaakov Avinu sent Yosef to find his brothers in Schem (a dangerous city.) When Yosef got there, he didn't find them, and he was lost. The Maloch Gavriel came to his aid and sent him in the right direction. I'm certainly not Yosef HaTzadik, but I can tell you that Hashem sent me that Arab man to get me out of the Shuafat refugee camp, and we left unscratched.We never know causes and effects, but I'm glad I learned parsha this morning. I'm glad I learned gemarra with my son in shul. I'm glad we were going to travel to new places in Eretz Yisrael that we'd never been to before to be part of my son's tefillin preparation. I'm glad God stepped in to guide us instead of the GPS, so I could be writing this e-mail to you instead of having you read about it on the news or worse, God forbid.This is the Jewish month of Kislev. The a time of Salvation's like Hanukkah. I wish you all the salvation's that happened to our people in this month, IN THOSE DAYS, IN THESE TIMES

Monday, December 15, 2008

Recycling your old computers? Think Again

Keywords: Recycling, toxic waste, 60 minutes, CBS, China
If you thought that you were doing the world a favor by recycling your old electronic equipment, even when using "reputable" recycling companies, think again! It turns out that often (maybe change that to "always") this waste makes it's way to China where is is dismantled and recycled in dangerously toxic dumps located in towns and villages where people live. Small children and workers are playing in water and inhaling some of the most toxic substances known to man. As one worker puts it "My throat feels like its burning". Why does he continue to work there "because the money is good." Of course the Chinese government is not happy for the west to see whats going on, and neither are the gangs that run these factories. See for yourself in this great CBS News expose in "60 minutes". This is investigative reporting at it's best. Keywords: Recycling, toxic waste, 60 minutes, CBS, China

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anti Gravity and Boyd Bushman

Keywords: UFO, Anti Gravity, Magnetism, Black Program
Boyd Bushman is a really interesting scientist, working at Lockheed Martin on many black programs and on anti-gravity. Using a compound called "Celt" formed into an oblong shape with a point underneath, he spins it clockwise on the workbench. The plastic looking object spins freely, however when attempting to spin it counter-clockwise it stops, then spins back counter clockwise! In another experiment, using two bagel shaped magnets with opposing polarity, he tightens the magnets together by placing a bolt through the middle. Once they are forced together he then places the two bolted magnets inside a rock shaped object. Using this rock shaped object, and another similarly shaped rock without magnets, he re-performs the Galileo experiment by dropping the two objects simultaneously from a high building. Any schoolchild knows that when Galileo dropped two different weighted balls off the tower of Pisa they landed simultaneously according to the laws of gravity. What do you think happened in this experiment? The rock without the magnets landed first! Check out this video to see why!Keywords: UFO, Anti Gravity, Magnetism, Black Program UFO, Anti Gravity, Magnetism, Black Program

Drones and UAV's

Keywords: demon UFO, drone, drones, alien, Northrop Gumman X-47B UCAV
I have always been interested in planes, rockets and even UFOs (no, I'm not crazy, at least as far as I know....). Many supposed UFOs could very well just be the work of men. If you don't believe me, take a look at this website - one of the most comprehensive list, with pictures, of military drones/UAV's. If you browse to the site index you can find almost all makes of military aviation hardware. This is the link:- http://www.vectorsite.net/twuav.html Now, whats fascinating is take a look at this UAV http://www.vectorsite.net/twuav_16.html - see image above of the Northrop Grumman X-47B UCAV. Now isn't that similar to the following photograph of a supposed UFO on http://www.ufoevidence.org/photographs/section/latestadditions/Photo402.htm Okay - it may not be identical, but get the drift! Just in case you thought that I have just proved that the UFO thing is not real, not so fast... take a look at the following video:-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWKSJMOE6gE&feature=related

If the link does not bring up the video, search You Tube for the following title "UFO Alien Disclosure Project pt 1". If that doesn't convince you that there is something to UFOs then you are brainwashed by the media cover up. Interestingly the Jewish Talmud written over a thousand years ago has many references to angels, alien beings, UFO craft and shin daled's (demons) - it's astounding to compare today's sightings to the many references in the Talmud. Of course the Torah (Bible) also has many references to angels, and other beings.
Keywords: demon UFO, drone, drones, alien, Northrop Grumman X-47B UCAV

Life can take on many forms

Keywords: Zeriods, Ufo, Life on other planets, life forms, Ufos, Video of ufo, Zeriods.
There are many strange and interesting life forms in the universe that G-d created. Perhaps you have heard of "Zeriods" - well, I hadn't, until tonight that is. Take a look at this video.

Keywords: Zeriods, Ufo, Life on other planets, life forms, Ufos, Video of ufo, Zeriods.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Life is full of suprises - 'May you live in interesting times'

Keywords: Life, Chinese curse, Interesting times, Internet, Life, Chinese curse, Interesting times, Internet, Life
My father likes to quote an old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times". We live in the most interesting times, perhaps the most interesting times in history. The web has allowed us to access this information. There is a Jewish Midrash that says that when G-d created the first man, Adam HaRishon, He was able to see from one end of the world to the other. Perhaps before the advent of television this was inconceivable. Now with the internet, it's true for all of us. Events happen in the most remote locations of the globe, and lo and behold, millions of people find out about it. Life is full of surprises! Come with me lets look to the four corners of the earth and beyond...Keywords: Life, Chinese curse, Interesting times, Internet, Life, Chinese curse, Interesting times, Internet, Life
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