Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anti Gravity and Boyd Bushman

Keywords: UFO, Anti Gravity, Magnetism, Black Program
Boyd Bushman is a really interesting scientist, working at Lockheed Martin on many black programs and on anti-gravity. Using a compound called "Celt" formed into an oblong shape with a point underneath, he spins it clockwise on the workbench. The plastic looking object spins freely, however when attempting to spin it counter-clockwise it stops, then spins back counter clockwise! In another experiment, using two bagel shaped magnets with opposing polarity, he tightens the magnets together by placing a bolt through the middle. Once they are forced together he then places the two bolted magnets inside a rock shaped object. Using this rock shaped object, and another similarly shaped rock without magnets, he re-performs the Galileo experiment by dropping the two objects simultaneously from a high building. Any schoolchild knows that when Galileo dropped two different weighted balls off the tower of Pisa they landed simultaneously according to the laws of gravity. What do you think happened in this experiment? The rock without the magnets landed first! Check out this video to see why!Keywords: UFO, Anti Gravity, Magnetism, Black Program UFO, Anti Gravity, Magnetism, Black Program

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