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How to treat and possibly cure Autoimmune diseases - ME, FibroMyalgia, CFS, Lupus, Crohn's and Rheumatoid Arthritis


Dr Cecile Jadin - a Pasteurian Orthodox Approach to Identifying Infectious Causes for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME and Auto-Immune Illnesses - Arthritis, Crohns, MS, Lupus, and Psychiatric Conditions from Depressions to Psychoses - Rickettsias, Mycoplasmas, Lyme, Toxoplasmosis, Schistomiasis / Bilharzia and many others - Treatment that Really Helps

Dr. Cecile Jadin - A Rebel with a Cause

Some people who are driven by light, fortunately choose to become doctors. One of these is indisputably the Belgian doctor Cecile Jadin, which I fortunately have been blessed to meet two times back in 2002. Her knowledge about the vector transferred Rickettsia disease is very high, thanks to her world-famous father, physician and biologist Jean-Baptiste Jadin, who collaborated with the physician and biologist Charles Nicolle, who received the Nobel medicine prize in 1928 for his research on ticks and lice transferred Rickettsia diseases.
This work was one of the main reasons that Jean-Baptiste Jadin subsequently had a life long interest in Rickettsia infection diseases, which came to mean many years of research work, including in collaboration with physician and biologist Paul Giroud, where together they developed the Micro-agglutination test for detection of Rickettsia.


To read more about the amazing Belgian doctor Cecile Jadin, who lives in South Africa you can read here: 

  • My mother Dr. Naomi Alper Epstein MbbCH MD a well known Cyto-Pathologist told me that when she looked at autoimmune cells under a microscope, it always puzzled her that they look like infection:- 

The Rickettsial Approach and treatment of patients presenting with CFS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Neurological Dysfunction

Living with M.E.

My personal Story:-

Having personally suffered for over 25 years from migraines, severe neckache and severe exhaustion and tiredness; I had pretty much started to accept that there was nothing really to be done except managing the pain and pushing myself. I had noticed that I felt more energetic during the times I was put on antibiotics.

I wasn't really sure about the connection but then 3 years ago after my father z'l passed away things to a turn for the worst it as I started with pain, in my throat, palate and neck, which seemed a bit swollen . I was having all sorts of symptoms, neuropathies, and buzzing in my legs and diagnosed with prediabetes. I had MRI and many tests none explaining my worsening situation including inflammation in my neck. It started to include an unusual pain near the bladder and groin which radiated as nerve pain down the inside of my leg. Again it wouldn't go away until I was on antibiotics. The infections increased and I was at my wits end. My attention was drawn to "Lyme's disease" as 23 years ago I had a tick bite which I treated with a week of tetracyclines the standard treatment - enough for some tick bites but apparently not all . I was told that in South Africa, Lymes didn't exist.

Having being told that there was no explanation for my pain and it could not be Lyme - I did some research and found Dr Cecile Jardin. After sending a very complete medical history she said that my symptoms are a match for Rickettsia . I'm still waiting for the answer, on the Rickettsia, lyme came back negative but the IGG was high. Even if the test comes back negative there are two methods of doing the test and a negative doesn't mean you dont have it!

The information IMHO is revolutionary and will make a huge difference to world health. I'm sharing my personal story so that others can benefit. Currently I'm feeling a huge improvement. I know there will be ups and downs because if you have Rickettsia or other similar infection-organism it can take up to 3 years and it could reactivate at a later time. From feeling extremely mortal - I'm feeling optimistic, thank G-d!

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The making of an Air-force Advert

Here is a great advert for being part of the US Para-Military rescue team and also, how they put the advert together. Amazing how the advert turns out compared to the acting.

USAF Pararescue because even SEALs and Rangers need to call 911 sometimes.

Film crew from Los Angeles, California came to Vandenberg air force base to shoot an official air force commercial. The commercial featured a search and rescue team helping out an injured airman during a mission. Airmen from Vandenberg as well as other air force bases worked together as actors and extras to put the commercial together.

Power Lift-Off of Spy Satellite

Who knows what this satellite is for, but it sure is a POWER lift-off

Its the most powerful rocket ever launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base. For the first time, a Delta IV heavy rocket is at the base being prepped for launch. Since the 1960's, Delta rockets have carried satellites into orbit.

The Delta IV is meant to accommodate larger loads. Lieutenant Colonel Brady Hauboldt, launch squadron commander, said, "This is essentially three rockets put together on one space launch and it'll be quite a show."

In fact, in it's final configuration, it will stand around 238 feet tall. To give you a comparison-- the rocket is as tall as a 23-story building. As for its power, it's incredible. It can launch a school bus that weighs more than 28,000 pounds into orbit, around 22,000 miles above the earth. Hauboldt, said, "It allows us a new capability for our nation that we hadn't had previously."

Jeffry Picower's widow of Madoff refund - "Settlement honors what Jeffry would have wanted!"

Compliments NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) The effort to recover money for victims of Bernard Madoff took a dramatic turn Friday when Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said that the widow of one of the Ponzi scheme's biggest beneficiaries agreed to turn over $7.2 billion. She had agreed to return "proceeds" collected over 35 years. His widow has denied that her late husband knew he was benefiting from a scam. "I am absolutely confident that my husband Jeffry was in no way complicit in Madoff's fraud and want to underscore the fact that neither the trustee nor the U.S. attorney has charged him with any illegal conduct," she said. Picower also said she hopes the settlement will ease the suffering of the victims.
Full article HERE

Interestingly, Barbara professes her late husband’s innocence and has said that she wants to return the money because it’s the right thing to do.“This settlement honors what Jeffry would have wanted,” she said in a prepared statement, “which is to return this money so that it can go directly to the victims of Madoff.” If this is true - what what a powerful and moral response! Kudos to Barbara! She did the right thing!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The JFK Assassination - The Security Detail Finally speaks out!

Clint Hill and Jerry Blaine, former U.S. Secret Service agents assigned to protect President John F. Kennedy, are now telling their story about that fateful day 47 years ago in Dallas. Clint Hill is the agent who sprinted to the car and tried to jump over and cover the president. To this day he has guilty feelings for not taking a bullet for the president.

These humble men, are in fact heroes and although they have suffered post traumatic stress disorder, nightmares and a feeling of failure, they need to recognize that they did everything they could have done. To say that if he would have reacted earlier by two seconds, he may have saved the president, is not a fair comment (even coming from themselves). It was destined that JFK would die that day - G-d had willed it to happen and nothing any person could have done would have saved him. What Hill and Blaine need to realize is that that they did their duty - they ran to cover the president, and they did protect the first lady and president from further bullets. They are heroes because they put their lives on the line in a time of stress and did what they trained to do. Our mission in life is to do our best. If we have done our best then we have fulfilled our obligation. Its a pity they never had proper counselling in those days which would have helped them through that difficult period and the subsequent guilt feelings.

In the confusion that day, Blaine came close to shooting the newly sworn in president Johnson. In an unexpected turn of events the president came out to get some fresh air. Blaine thought this was an intruder and raised his gun with his finger on the trigger. When he saw the president, (and saw President Johnson turn white) he lowered his gun. This is another proof of the impressive character of these people. After being awake for 40 hours straight, and under the tremendous pressure of that day, he still did not pull the trigger in error. Security people have needed to make quick decisions under pressure and many have killed the wrong people by mistake.

A newly detailed account of the assassination is written up in a new book called "The Kennedy Detail", by former agent Jerry Blaine. It's written with journalist Lisa McCubbin, and based on interviews with many of the agents who protected Kennedy. Former agent Hill, has rarely granted interviews about the shooting, but did write a foreword to this book. CNN has an interesting interview with Blaine and Hill - see below:-

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