Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chinese Piano Maestro plays with his feet?

China's got talent found a piano maestro who plays with his feet!!! As a young boy he lost his arms in a bizarre accident where he touched some high tension wires. After almost giving up, he was found by a gentleman, with the same handicap, who came to help him live again. He loved music and decided to try to learn the piano - no one would teach him, reasoning that even someone with arms has it hard enough, and who would look at someone playing with his feet. He told them, you will live to regret your decision, and so it is. He is moving to the final and people are brought to tears by his achievements and beautiful piano music.
It goes to show - sometimes people are more disabled before their accidents than after - afterwards they really have meaning in their life and live life to the full having much greater and more positive lives. Check this out!

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