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Keteb Meriri - A Demon or 'Alien' as they are known today

I am taking the liberty of quoting from the daily halacha (daily Jewish law program) which has an interesting article about the dangers of a 'demon' (alien) or 'Shaid' in Hebrew. Thanks David for forwarding this to me. According to many UFO researchers there are many races of aliens that could be visiting the earth (or could be from a different dimension). The the article is pretty clear that during this period in the Jewish calendar, a time of mourning for Jews, one should take care to avoid a many eyed hairy being called Keteb Meriri, who sees from an eye situated on the chest. The Temple was destroyed on the 9th of the Hebrew month of AV - which takes place tomorrow. The three weeks prior are also considered a time of mourning and may be inauspicious for Jews. As this article mentions it is very unusual for Jewish Law to quote a law that is based on a kabbalistic concept (The kabbalah deals with Jewish Mysticism but it's rare to find such mystical concepts being brought into halacha). Also see my post on UFO's and the connection to the Talmud here

Avoiding Danger During the Three Weeks

The Midrash Shoher Tob (Tehillim 91) speaks about a dangerous “demon” called “Keteb Meriri” that is covered with scales and hair, has eyeballs all over its body, and sees from the eye situated on its chest. It generally resides in areas that are partly sunny and partly shady, and moves by rolling like a ball. Anyone who comes near this demon, the Midrash comments, exposes himself to great danger. The Midrash in fact relates that there were schoolchildren who suffered harm as a result of “Keteb Meriri.” It is specifically during the three weeks of between Shiba Asar Be’Tamuz and Tisha B’Ab, the Midrash teaches, that this harmful spirit surfaces and poses danger.

It is very uncharacteristic for the Shulhan Aruch, which was written as a strictly Halachic code, to include Kabbalistic concepts in presenting Halachic guidelines. Yet, the Shulhan Aruch indeed writes that during the three weeks one should not go outdoors to partially shady areas between the fourth and ninth hours (referring to Halachic hours) of the day, when this demon is most threatening. He adds that during this period, parents should make a point not to hit their children, and teachers should likewise refrain from smacking students, in order to avoid risks. The Midrash tells the story of Rabbi Abahu who saw a teacher with a branch ready to hit an unruly student. Rabbi Abahu sharply condemned the teacher, noting that “Keteb Meriri” was standing right behind him with an iron rod, ready to strike. This story shows the dangers of administering any type of corporal punishment during this period, when we are exposed to the dangers of “Keteb Meriri.”

The Aruch Ha’shulhan (work by Rabbi Yehiel Michel Epstein, Byelorussia, 1829-1908) cites authorities who limit this Halacha to uninhabited areas, such as forests and the like. Inside a city, however, the presence of many people, as well as the presence of Mezuzot on the doorposts, offers a degree of protection from this harmful spirit. On one level, this restriction essentially renders this Halacha practically irrelevant nowadays, when we usually spend our time in towns, cities and other inhabited areas. Nevertheless, this Halacha demonstrates the importance of avoiding danger during this three-week period and keeping a “low profile,” as this period is particularly suited for mishaps and calamity, Heaven forbid. It is therefore advisable to remain in safe, secure quarters during the three weeks, especially between the fourth and ninth hours of the day.

Summary: It is advisable to avoid desolate, outdoor areas between the fourth and ninth hours of the day (as defined by Halacha) during the three weeks between Shiba Asar Be’Tamuz and Tisha B’Ab. More generally, it is proper to avoid all dangerous situations during this period, which is a particularly inauspicious time for the Jewish people.

Friday, July 24, 2009

How drones and UAV's are revolutionizing the face of warfare

The war in Pakistan and Afganistan is being drastically changed by the use of the Predator and other remotely controlled planes and robots. Once they placed hellfire missiles on the drones which were being used for intelligence and eye on the battle missions - war was changed forever. Flying out of Nevada they have been able to take out over 20 of the top leaders of Al-Quaeda. It seems the science fiction books and films about robotic wars is now science fact. Take a look at this great documentary from CNN. If you dont see the video in the frame please refresh the page until they appear - it could take a few seconds.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bin Ladens son taken out by Predator drone

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Blog on Authentic UFO's!!!!

Check out my new video blog totally dedicated to Authentic UFO's

Let the entertainment begin!

i Life World will continue to have interesting posts but will try to stay away from the UFO subject unless it's a personal opinion or interesting post on the subject that doesn't belong on Authentic UFO's

My interest in UFO's has increased with time and I have noticed just how much video and other proof is out there in cyberspace. My biggest frustration is looking through videos which are boring, irrelevant and either hoaxes or the product of a very fertile imagination. I'm not interested in looking at videos or footage that is not authentic or can easily be explained away. There are too many videos of flying orbs and dots and how many do we have to see - is the next video of some flying orbs going to make us more convinced? Witness testimony on the other hand is great evidence that the phenomenon exists and needs to be explained. Courts of law will put people behind bars and in some countries even put people to death based on witness testimony. How so, that when it comes to UFO's, witness testimony is not enough. In addition, many sightings are backed up by radar. You cannot explain away the multiple sightings and trace evidence that exists in many of these cases. It does seem that whoever is piloting these UFO's tends to stay out of view when possible. Many questions need to be answered - Is there a correlation between the viewers and the crafts. What about abductions, are they real or not? (Yes, can someone who is being abducted PLEASE setup a video camera in a position where it can film the whole process for all of us!) Why is it so difficult to prove these crafts exist. Have we tried hard enough? Is the reality of UFO's proof of aliens. Maybe there are beings on this planet that we don't know about, or could it just be the military, or perhaps the occult or other dimensional beings. It seems that the ancients and past civilizations knew a lot more about this than we do - and perhaps we are better off. Are we about to open a 'can of worms'? Could we be inadvertently opening ourselves up to forces beyond our capabilities and could it well be a threat to our security. Many of these questions need to be answered and perhaps the US authorities are keeping this secret for good reason? Whatever the truth - I hope to show some human testimony and only those videos which seem authentic and plausible to individuals of sound mind. I hope this will be an informative ride...

Save the Moon from being Nuked

Did you know that NASA has launched a rocket with a nuclear explosive to bomb the moon?

Apparently NASA is planning to do just that supposedly to see if water vapour is released. Many are very opposed to this action. There is a group of many ex-NASA people that say that there are objects on the moon that have been made by intelligent design. Apparently many photos of the moon have been 'airbrushed' to conceal objects found on the moon. If you are interested you can look at the following posts:-

Here are some videos on NASA's plan to Nuke the Moon:-

Save the Moon 1

Save the Moon 2

Save the Moon 3

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Many Palestinians are Jewish or have Jewish origions

It's an unknown fact that many Palestinians are in fact Jewish or have Jewish roots, and not only because of Jewish girls who have intermarried. There has always been a Jewish presence in the Holy Land for many thousands of years and many converted to Islam only in recent history. Their love of the land was greater perhaps than their Jewish roots - or even more likely they became Muslims to protect their lives. There is even a genetic similarity and apparently many have the 'Cohen' gene. If you don't believe me check out this video:-

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