Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Aurora Mach 11.8 Stealth Plane

Does the US Airforce have a supersonic plane that can travel at speeds in excess of 8000 mph?

Take a look at these videos and let me know what you think!

Does the Aurora make use of a Pulse Detonation Engine?

Could this plane be the source of UFO sightings around the world? Is it back engineered from 'Alien Technology'? A UFO Researcher Discusses Project Aurora.

Check out this amazing comtrail (Contrail, Chemtrail if you please). Aurora test flight leaves a gigantic contrail ....this low level fly past was so fast the camera operator couldn't catch the acutal plane itself...(and the word isn't 'chemtrail' either!...as some people think)....unknown location. Please click the link to see the video clip.


Another Contrail?

Yet another photo of the Aurora? - you decide!

Have a look at the following article which discusses the flying triangle sightings

And some footage:-

Here is an interesting slide show of secret NASA Aircraft

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  1. Amazing plane, I'm very surprise about the level of technology that USA has, I wonder how many even better technology hidden they posses.


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