Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New Jihad Code

CNN has delivered the most amazing news story - perhaps the most important story since 9/11. It appears that there is a major upheaval about to take place in the Islamic world. If you can't see the video below try this LINK

CNN's investigative teams worked for two years, looking into reports of peace talks held between the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and the Libyan Government. This culminated in the LIFG, a militant jihadist group once close to Osama bin Laden, repudiating al Qaeda. LIFG has managed to recruit the largest number of Jihadists, and many terrorists come from Libya.

"The Jihadi Code," is a documentary on the breakthrough against al Qaeda in Libya. It seems that Col. Moammar Gadhafi's son, Saif al Islam al Gadhafi, has managed to open dialogue with the LIFG and their commander Noman Benotman, who was until recently living in London. Gadhafi convinced Benotman he would free LIFG members from jail if they renounced their long war with the regime. He also promised Benotman immunity from prosecution if he returned to Libya. Benotman had warned bin Laden not to attack the United States, the same way Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto warned Japanese leaders not to 'wake the sleeping giant' by attacking Pearl Harbor

The code's challenge to al Qaeda is that Jihad has ethics and morals because it is for G-d. This means that it is forbidden to kill women, children, elderly people, priests, messengers, traders and the like. Betrayal is prohibited and it is vital to keep promises and treat prisoners of war in a good way. The code has been circulated among some of the most respected religious scholars in the Middle East and has been given widespread backing. The new code insist that civilians should not be targeted. This is in clear opposition to bin Laden and his terrorist network.

The "Corrective Studies" document, was completed in September, and the LIFG members will be encouraged to convince Libya's youth from going off to fight with al Qaeda. This will happen as soon as they are released from prison, which is imminent. Given its credibility and the fact that several other prominent Jihadists in the Middle East have turned against al Qaeda, the LIFG's about face is an important step toward ending al Qaeda's recruitment. To see the full article on CNN click HERE

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