Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to make money

Want to make some serious money? According to a very clever and wealthy self made businessman, these are the rules:- Keywords: Money Business advice, Broker, business deal, sell, buy, wealth, business

  1. Don't get involved in a business that takes up too much of your time.
  2. Be the dreamer and visionary, get others to do the work.
  3. Don't focus on a small market, concentrate on the locations that have large population masses.
  4. Never take a partner (It always ends up with pain).
  5. Worry about how to do things when you come to it. Once you have a deal, you will either work it out yourself of find someone else who can do it for you!
  6. Always sell BEFORE you buy.
  7. Do big deals, as no-one expects you to be able to pay for it.
  8. Brokering is the best business to be in.
  9. A good business makes money on it's own, without you needing to be there all the time. Once the business is setup, it must make money by being there! (for example - cellphone companies make money when people talk without them doing anything - people talk and they get rich! Obviously there are setup costs - but once the business is going - the profits must be self generating!)

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