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UFO Hunters

I have seen a really interesting video series called UFO Hunters where they investigate the UFO and other related phenomenon. A great UFO site is and you can see some of these episodes on there.

I can't escape from being interested in UFO's - mainly from the scientific point of view and how it matches Jewish sources in the Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Zohar etc. There is a surprising correlation between whats known by Ufologists and what the Rabbi's knew thousands of years ago. Take for example the following:-

In the Talmud they are referred to as Shin Dalets (the 2 Hebrew letters that make up the word Shaid) – shaidim (badly translated as demons – as they live in the ‘shade’ i.e. shadows) – or Mazikim – (translated as the Damagers).

Nimrod, who was king at the time of the tower of Babel – was a great hunter according to the Midrash (ancient commentary on the bible) – he hunted aliens (demons and angels) and was able to capture them and use them. The tower of Babel was in fact some sort of space travel – perhaps a rocket or wormhole or vortex?

The Talmud is clear why they are so evasive – a result of a treaty between the demons and a great Rabbi who banished them from places where people live.

The Talmud says they don’t like light, don’t often go after more than one person, except in ‘their places’. For this reason one is not allowed to leave someone in the synagogue at night by himself, if he came late for the evening prayer.

If you see an upside down plate used for porridge – that’s them (clearly a reference to flying saucers).

Don’t go in certain places, like next to a palm tree when the palm tree is next to a fence or a secluded spot. They don’t bother you unless you bother them.

There is a formula of how to make a substance that will enable one to see them – this is not advised because it would cause the person to become insane.

In a book from a kabbalist that I have in my library, written over 100 years ago, explains the Talmud’s story of king Solomon’s dealings with Aishmadai king of the shaidim (a very interesting story indeed – too long for this post) and says as follows about them (italics are mine):-

1. There are shaidim (aliens) that are made of 2 elements – fire and air and they live in the ‘wind’ and they have a living soul. This first type are neutral and not evil or good.

2. There are some shaidim that are objects and they live in the earth, some of them are plant like and they live in lakes, seas, rivers and boreholes (underground lakes) – and these are particularly evil

3. There is a third type that can talk and they are based on fire – these are the highest form. Some of them are Jewish and some are not Jewish (they have religion i.e. some are good and heed G-d while others do not– italics my own explanation)

4. Ashmadai (The king of the Shaidim) is a Jewish name – any king of the shaidim is called Ashmadai (i.e. it’s a title – italics my own explanation) – like Pharaoh in Egypt – his name stems from the fact that he is made of ‘fire’ at his source –Aish = fire in Hebrew and Admai is earth in Hebrew i.e. fire and earth – They are similar to a person.

5. They come into our dimension through the ‘mountain’ which is opposite the “containers/coverings of light’, which is half bad and half good (no idea what half bad and half good means). They cannot go higher in the heavens than that ‘mountain’, but they can hear mystical things (higher intelligence i.e. filtering down from the Supreme Being i.e. G-d) – so when they come into the world they come through this mountain (Vortexes?, star gate, wormhole - my italics!).

6. Aishmadai would prepare water for his return to earth so that he could drink on his arrival since his nature is from fire - when he comes from the firmament (mentioned in the bible in the creation of the world – from ‘space’) to ‘earth’ –he needs to cool himself down (re-entry through the atmosphere?).

7. Once he was captured by Solomon’s servant (clearly it's possible to capture these beings - so maybe the US government does have them from crashed vehicles etc.) – he appeared as a human being and could not use his full powers, minor strength remained but he was under the power of Solomon’s servants and ordered not to use them except in specific situations where they allowed him to use his strength. Btw. King Solomon - the wisest of all men - came out for the worse after having dealings with this king of the aliens.

8. These shaidim can manipulate time (i.e. travel long distances in a short time). In fact there are many instances where there has been 'kvitzas haderech' in the Bible i.e. a journey took much less time than it should have under normal conditions - see Rashi's commentry on the section before Jacob has his dream with the ladder.

9. The legs of shaidim are similar to those of a chicken and they have dirt on them because that is their connection to this material world – his main strength is in his legs – and he can’t (or doesn’t wish to) change them to human feet (i.e. it seems that other parts of his body he can ‘morph’ ) since their powers come from these unholy elements (dirt, unclean) and they are very happy and proud of these forces they use. [My note: I find this very interesting because in the Talmud it states that if you are being visited by shaidim (abducted) you can hang the feet of slaughtered chickens (i.e. cut off legs!) next to your bed – as this scares them off – in addition a knife with a double sided blade also scares them off – presumably because you could use it to cut off their feet i.e. the source of their power].

10. You should know that here in Bagdad (back to the kabbalists writings) we guard a newborn baby on the first Friday night of his life to protect him/her from them, since they are very active on Friday nights and we stick a metal prong through chicken legs by the bed (as mentioned by me above because they are scared of losing their strength).

(end of quote from Ben Yehoyaha on Gittin)

The Talmud learns from the bible that they live in pits, caves and water. It mentions that they are very intimidating. I have been told that there are some kabbalists that have captured these shaidim and use them as servants (some stories are hair-raising).

Shaidim are mentioned in Jewish law e.g. if a woman slept with a shaid – she is not forbidden to husband.

Also – there is a question if you can use a shaid to do something that would be forbidden on the Sabbath (Saturday – no work is allowed).

The Talmud mentions that it is forbidden to pray to a demon and tells you how to differentiate between a demon and an angel.

There is a proof from the bible in the Talmud of races on other planets – referring to the plague that Sanheirib endured and lost the war when he tried to conquer Jerusalem from King Hezekiah – it says that this alien race were punished for not helping to destroy Sanheiribs army (It’s in a piece of text from Psalms - quoted in the Mispacha magazine article on UFO's).

It also mentions a story of a certain Rabbi who needed to get to Rome quickly to represent the Jews – not having enough time he went to a ritual bathhouse (out in a secluded place) which was frequented by a ‘friendly’ demon (alien) who helped him by throwing him to Rome in a second.

In another story a demon was creating trouble for people in a place of worship and they sent a great Rabbi to that place (he was not told of the demons presence but they knew he was very G-d fearing and would pray to G-d when confronted by this being – thereby destroying it). After encountering this being and praying, the shul (synagogue) became a safe place however the Rabbi complained to the community that they had risked his life unnecessarily.

The Zohar (kabalistic work) talks about an alien breeding program and that there are many different types/species of them. It talks about these shaidim using human semen to create ‘containers’ Klipot in Hebrew – see an interesting statement on the alien agenda by Lear at: “And they, the aliens, refer to us as "Containers." There's been speculation that the souls our bodies contain is the reason for the experiments. But nothing's been proven or determined.” This fits well with the zohar.

Note – it is clear that they do harm humans – perhaps this is why the US government does not want to release information and cause panic. We know about cattle mutilations and I have seen pictures on the web of human mutilations and apparently human remains were found in UFO’s – so their policy in some way makes sense.

I find it unusual that no-one has ever picked up on the Talmud before now (Maybe because it’s only studied by Orthodox Jews).

The reason why the aliens (Shaidim) are becoming so interested in us is because we are approaching the time of the messiah and the world shattering events that will occur at that time as mentioned in the bible (Zechariah) – when nations of the world will come against Israel to destroy them. The famous 2012 year – is actually very close to the latest time by which the messiah must arrive.

It’s written in holy writings that there is currently a war between the forces of evil and the forces of good in the heavens, so this explains their great interest in us now.

Take a look at some of the UFO hunters videos. Here is one part of an episode that is really interesting.

Animal mutilations - scary...

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