Thursday, May 28, 2009

Noah's Ark

Ever imagine how big Noah's ark really was? Well now, people in Hong Kong can go and see a replica of Noah's Ark which apparently has been built according to the dimensions written in the bible. The bible writes that the Arks length was 300 cubits, width 50 cubits and height was 30 cubits - see Genesis 5:25. For the best translation of the Torah (Bible) see 'The Living Torah' by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan - printed by Maznaim, 4304 12th Avenue NY 11219 ISBN 0-940118-29-7. According to Aryeh Kaplans translation and notes the ark was made of cypress wood, from the greek word kyparissos (from kaphar or gaphar being derived from the Hebrew) - some say it was pine or boxwood. The Targum - an Aramaic translation by Onkeles renders it as kadrom or kardos which the talmud in rosh hashanah says is cedar wood - it translates gopher as mabliga or gomish - both species of cedar. The Septuagint, however translates it as 'squared timber' The Septuagint is a greek translation by 70 Rabbis who all translated the Bible into Greek - each one was locked in a room and all came out with the exact same translation - this was a great miracle! It was made of compartments - on the inside and outside it was coated in pitch (asphalt or bitumen). It had 3 decks (floors) - had a skylight - some say it was a luminous stone (perhaps the first electric device for providing light - my comment!). The Ark was slanted to a point (almost like a pyramid) with the top being one cubit by one cubit. There was a door on the side. According to Rabbi Kaplan the cubit is approximately 18 inches so the ark was 450 feet (138 meters) by 75 feet wide (23 Meters), by 45 feet high (14 Meters) - some regard a cubit as being 24 inches .The cubit is based on the size of a man's arm. There is some dispute by the Rabbi's whether people of those times were bigger or smaller or the same size as today - although suits of armor from the middle ages seem to suggest that people were smaller, perhaps from malnutrition, - in the times of the bible they may have been bigger - in fact there were giants and huge skeletons have been found from that period - however it would seem that we dont use giants as the measure for the cubit. Check out the following video:-

Also check out the search for Noah's ark at the following URL:-
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and here is a video of Noah's ark today on Mount Ararat:-
Part 1

Part 2

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