Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kennedy shot from a drain

A while ago I was researching the assasination of Kennedy and came across the following video. This video shows scientific proof of the location of the shooter that killed Kennedy with the infamous 'head-shot'. It's interesting because it's a new twist on whats already known and makes a whole lot more sense than the 'grassy knoll' theory. Let me know what you think! The bigger question is who actually sent the killer(s) and why - my father likes to say that the bigger question is who didn't want Kennedy killed. Kennedy had so many enemies and he was ahead of his time. He was trying to fight the mafia, the oil men in texas, Cuba, the military industrial complex, big business and corruption (and some say he wanted to know too much about UFO's... who doesn't have a reason to say why he was assasinated!). Had the public emnity towards big business, and the courts been what they are today, after Enron, World Corp and Bernie Madoff, pehaps he would have had a better chance.., or maybe not.... In many ways there is a similarity between Kennedy and Obama - as one taxi driver in Jerusalem said to me, on inauguration day - lets hope he doesnt land up like Kennedy. At least the security detail is much more advanced today than that fateful day in Texas, where his security was clearly compromised. Take a look at this video - I suppose, if they could solve where the shot came from, perhaps they may eventually find the truth about who actually ordered the hit. Try this link if you don't see the video below

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