Friday, September 4, 2009

Can a person come back from the dead?

Recently in our Talmud study class we learned during daf yomi that stated, that in those times (1000 or so years ago), when they buried someone, they didn't bury in the ground but in caves or catacombs above the ground. After the burial they would leave somebody there for 3 days to make sure that the person actually died, and was not just in a coma or sleeping. Being an EMT it seems unbelievable that death could be misdiagnosed - but it does seem possible as per this amazing story that will follow in the video below! We have also seen here in Israel medical staff diagnosing death incorrectly a number of times. It's very shocking indeed, happening with a sick man in an old age home who collapsed and woke up when Zaka came to collect the body. Also two seperate cases of small infants born, where signs of life were noticed when parents came to be identified the body in the morgue only to find vital signs. Unfortunately the two infants didnt make it as I remember but the old man has been released from hospital this week! There are studies by scientists about life after death, re-incarnation and other near death experiences. One of them is a Dr Stevenson who researched near death experiences extensively. Take a look at this true story of a Russian doctor who was hit and killed by a car, but miraculously returns from the dead after 3 days in the morgue. The coroner prepares the body for autopsy and then he wakes up. Boy - he must have jumped out of his skin when the guy woke up! I would have also! Here is the video:-

Part 2

And here is another interesting video on past lives:-

Part 1

Part2 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life 2-5 Video

Part 3 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life 3-5 Video

Part 4 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life 4-5 Video

Part 5 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life 5-5 Video

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