Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Mobile Cellphones are not as safe as you think

Much to our dismay, we had a cellphone mast erected a few hundred meters from our building about 3 years ago. There were protests and one of my friends, the head of a local volunteer ambulance service (Hatzaloh Beit Shemesh) lay down in the foundations, until he was physically removed, and even punched by a police officer. At the time we were really concerned about the dangers of radiation from the mast. Who in their right mind would put a massive mast near to where people live? Especially since they could just as well have put it 1000 meters away in the hills further away?! To lay the cables out there would be more expensive, sure, but fat chance the company actually cares about our health.

After doing some research it became clear to me, that the closer people are to the mast, the more dangerous it becomes. Being hit by the powerful radiation that is used by the mast to communicate with its mobile phones is no fun. Ironically you are probably safer right under the mast than in direct line of sight 30 meters away - since the cells that transmit and receive data point away from the mast (and not down). It's almost like sticking your head in a faulty microwave oven and turning on the power - BANG! - frying your head with microwaves. Recently a law was passed here in Israel, that masts cannot be within a specific distance of inhabited apartments. They have just built apartments between us and the mast so we may be in luck. It seems that since the building went up our connection to the phone company is not great anymore - we used to have great reception! I suppose you can't have your cake and eat it! Trying to work out why the reception was so bad gave me an idea - perhaps the cellphone company turned off the mast because of the law as the new apartments now within 30 meters. I saw a new mast being put up in the hills. Perhaps that's wishful thinking and the building in front of us is just doing a good job of shielding us from the radiation and the connection. Whatever the case - I would rather have a healthy family than a healthy reception on my cellphone!

Just after they finished putting up the new mast we seem to have a better connection. Maybe I'm right about the mast closer to us having been turned off. This is a the irony - everyone wants a better connection but no-one wants the masts! Recently a scandal broke that companies are renting apartments, and placing smaller cells on balconies where they can't be seen. Money it seems corrupts - people seem happy to rent out their apartment and endanger their neighbors!

This is actually not the subject of my post, but a necessary introduction - it turns out that the cellphones, yes the mobiles we put to our ears are as bad - if not worse! The mobiles are frying our brains from close up. What's become even more worrying is the new ideas about wireless electricity. A new technological marvel, originally pioneered by the genius Nikolai Tesla is about to shake up power as we know it. Who knows where this will lead? Just imagine being zapped by 220v in magnetic format - how good could that be for the human body? See the following article on CNN on a cordless future for electricity . In fact the Israeli Health Department has issued some guidelines about charging mobile phones near to where you sleep. They recommend not charging a phone near your head e.g. on the bedside table because the radiation from the charging process affects various glands near ones head. See this report on how heavy cell phone users were subject to a higher risk of benign and malignant tumors of the salivary gland. Another big issue is the high-tension electrical power lines that often go through residential neighborhoods. We also have that in our neighborhood and people are concerned, and rightly so.

Check out this video - and start using a headset!

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