Thursday, February 25, 2010

Regenerating the body

There have been amazing developments with the growing of human tissue and organs which are will surely help people with severe injuries. It should help prolong life, as well as create better quality of life for many people. At this time the technology is being used on a person to person basis i.e. the organs are grown for a specific patient with their own tissue. In time it will become mass produced and tailored with the genetic signature being added to the grown tissue just before transplantation. This as opposed to having to use the tissue from the patient to actually grow the tissue and organs. The doctors are already able  for example, to take a hand harvested from a cadaver and thereafter transplant it onto someone who has lost their hand. This is achieved by injecting genetic material from the patient into the cadaver's hand to prevent rejection.

A good friend of mine has a company in Israel which gets blood sent from people with genetic illnesses. In Israel, they change the DNA or genetic makeup of the blood sample, by inserting new genetic code in the laboratory. It is then sent back to the doctors who then re-inject the blood and the patients body accepts the new genetic signature, thereby curing the patient. The blood is not rejected because its the patients own blood. This type of procedure is being done for US patients in the Dominique Republic because it is not currently certified by the FDA. This hold up great hope for Diabetics and other chronic illnesses that are genetically based.

Here is a video, not for the faint hearted, documenting some of the most amazing new work and discoveries taking place today

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