Monday, January 5, 2009

The 'Karachi Kids'

There are over 600 Islamic American children who are living and studying in radical Islamic schools (madrassas) in Pakistan. In these madrassas, the children learn about radical Islam, and by the time they come out they are fully fledged radicals. The children learn a radicalized version of the Koran. The religion taught is called Deobandism. This is the same religion as the Taliban. The children don't learn any math, science, English, history or any other subjects. They only learn the Koran. They essentially learn to live for death. and all the pleasures of life, they are taught, come in the afterlife.The US government is so concerned that joined by a number of members of Congress, Rep. Michael McCaul has introduced legislation demanding for a full accounting of American children in radical Islamic madrassas in Pakistan. The Pakistani madrassas have been called an `incubator for Jihad’ by Jihad Watch and Eric Ellis of the Bulletin/Newsweek.

After personally experiencing the horrific violence of the terrorist bombings in downtown London on July 7, 2005 by Muslim extremists, Imran Raza, a Pakistani-American filmmaker, decided to explore why four British-born young men would carry out such an attack on their own citizens. Imran discovered the suicide bombers had attended radical Islamic madrassas in Pakistan.Two months later in September 2005, he made his way into a Pakistani madrassas to examine the root of this radical terrorist ideology. While filming there he discovered something unexpected - two American brothers from Atlanta, Georgia. Imran returned 18 months later in March 2007, for a 6 month stay in the dangerous City of Karachi, to find not only the Khan brothers, but surprisingly up to 80 American boys in the same madrassa. Are the alumni of these madrassas the future terrorists, like those who carried out the July 7 carnage? Are these madrassas part of a broader strategy to attack America in the future? These questions were too significant to go unanswered.Here is the trailer to the 'Karachi Kids', a documentary film produced by Imran from that experience. Raza hopes to embark on a speaking tour of the United States, Europe and the Middle East and bring his message of peaceful coexistence to millions of Muslims throughout the world through music and the spoken word. The most frightening aspect of the video is the change in the boys over a three year period. Take a look for yourself:-

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